5 Ways to Bring Balance into Your Life

I felt inspired to write these tips, “5 Ways to Bring Balance to Life,” to share with you some of the practices that have supported me in creating more inner and outer balance in my life. Feel free to share these with others!

We all need to help and support ourselves, and each other, as much as we can, like beautiful brothers and sisters…

#1 Relax

(non-doing) “If you can only focus on one thing, then I would focus on relaxing. This world is too contracted, in so many ways. And in order to handle that contraction, we ourselves have to find and maintain balance through various means of relaxing and expanding again. This can be done through literally resting the body, or meditating in a relaxed way, listening to peaceful music or bathing with salts, or whatever allows you to let go and destress.

#2 Create (fine, expressive & spiritual arts)

Spend time creating something with your hands, or body, whether it be through art work, clay, woodwork, with plants, or any other medium you feel attracted to. Allow your inner creative juices to flow. When we engage in creative activity our entire nervous system becomes regulated and we gain a sense of self satisfaction. In a sense we make our soul’s happy.

I would like to mention on the side here, that the creative energy may sometimes feel chaotic or hyperactive in outward appearance, but once channeled and directed, given an artistic medium to express the energy, the rhythm calms and the heart comes more into a coherent state. You can use movement, paints, fabrics, yantra, etc.

#3 Plant New Seeds

Plant something new! Whether it be physically or literally, think about what you would like to plant in your inner garden that would support your inspirations and creative passions?

Right now the children, probably in most places, are planting Easter grass. And, gardeners are beginning to ready the fields for planting.

#4 Nurture Your Garden

Once you’ve planted your seeds, then to make sure they get enough water, nutrients, and sunlight. Those precious seeds, which grow into trees and will bare fruits to eat, need the 5 eternal elements; earth (dirt), fire (sun), sky (space), water and air. If any one of those elements are missing, the tree will not grow or may not have the strength to survive. However, if we bring balance to those elements, then the tree becomes beautiful, the flowers will be fragrant, and the fruits delicious.

The same is true for ourselves. We have to nurture these 5 elements in ourselves as well, in order to be more in balance. One way you can do this is through the practice of decharging. You can learn more about decharging and balancing techniques with the 5 Elements here.

#5 Connect With and Strengthen Your Soul’s Spark

In times of change and transition like the one we are in right now, where the observed reality seems rather chaotic, it is important to stay clear and prevent fear from taking over.

When your Womb chakra is strong, your soul’s spark is also strong and is guiding you. You are able to your live life and relationships with clarity and strength. You are able to follow your soul’s path even in the midst of ups and downs in the world around you. Your soul’s spark will give you the inner strength necessary to be centered and flexible, and act from love.

You can learn more about the Holy Womb Chakra Process course.


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