The Holy Womb Chakra Process

Energetic Practices to Heal Your Relationships

and Embody Your Soul’s Spark

LIVE Online Training

Gain Clarity, Physical and Emotional Health, Create Strong Confident and Connected Children, and Harness the Love and Power for Healing Yourself and Others

August 27, September 3, 10, 17, 2024


7am to 11am Pacific Time
4pm to 8pm CET

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From the previous course: Nina talks on ‘How to live a more harmonious and divinely connected life through the practices of mantra plus yantra.’

“What a wonderful gift, these Womb Chakra Process teachings, given by Nina with such a gentle, wise and profound presence. Looking back at the 4 online workshops that passed, I still feel the high energy-vibrations that were holding us in a cocoon of pure love and eternal truth… quite (literally) out of the ordinary! The mantra and yantra teachings are precious tools of healing and transformation, as they allow you to raise your vibrations, create and sustain a positive and coherent field which extends itself to those closely connected to you, either privately or professionally. I have started a consistent practice with the mantra meditations, and am marveled at the amount of healing, clarity, strength and inspiration they bring. The whole process of the teachings with Nina and the personal mantra and yantra meditation practice is allowing me to really remember who I am, to feel and strengthen that unique vibration of my soul, and that is simply invaluable. Grateful, Nina!

– Ilja van de Griend, Pre- and Perinatal Educator, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, co-founder of Almasoma, the Lisbon-based Transpersonal Training Institute, coach and mentor.

The Womb Chakra is the seed of your Soul Spark – it is unlike other chakras. The womb chakra is an energy center that is beyond the body. It exists in the body, but it is linked with your soul spark, your life’s purpose. When you learn how to take care of this chakra, you take care of yourself and your children on the soul level. When you take care of your soul, then you can feel happy, and share that happiness with others.

Relationships are the keys to becoming your authentic, loving self. They challenge you to move beyond the layers covering up your true nature to become the best version of yourself, often through experiencing the worst version of yourself, before you can ultimately change. Relationships teach you to love yourself with all your imperfections as well as your unique gifts.

One of the biggest problems, my teacher Sri Kaleshwar would say, “the only problem”, we face in today’s world is not knowing who we truly are. As we begin a human life, layers of trauma, dust, and beliefs cover up our true Selves. Taking the womb chakra workshop teaches you how to remove those layers of the karmas step-by-step. It teaches 7000 year old knowledge and practices of how to connect, nurture and grow your creation center, your womb chakra, your soul’s spark. These practices align you with your soul’s purpose, gives clarity in relationships, creates strong and connected babies and children and supports embodying your “Divine” and “Human” Self.

– Nina Ketscher

The Womb Chakra Process teaches you to use the creation energy hidden in your Womb Chakra in a positive way. As a result you gain self-clarity and grow into a strong and happy person. This process supports living fulfilling relationships that are joyful and inspiring, for yourself and others. It is a 7000 year old practice and invites you into relationship with your soul, your creative source, and uses ancient spiritual technologies of mantra and yantra to create a new high divine energy within you and around you. A field of energy where you feel held and supported with the Mother’s love.

The Womb Chakra process is relevant and essential for both men and women – for each one of us has a Womb Chakra linking us directly to our mothers womb, and to her mothers womb, transgenerationally through our ancestors. The Womb Chakra is a powerful link that connects you directly with the creation energy and gives you as a parent and family the ability to support your children’s spark. As a professional, when your womb chakra is clear and strong, you can better support healing for others. 

What The Womb Chakra Meditations Can Do For You

Fulfilling Relationships

The Womb Chakra is the seed of your Soul Spark… It is unlike other Chakras. It is the mirror of your soul’s reactions, the place where your relationships and Karmas are stored and stays with you from life time to life time. If you have experienced troubles in your past relationships with family, friends, partners you have most likely received a disturbance to your womb chakra. In order to heal and release those past ties and disturbances we need to purify and heal the womb chakra in us.

Heal from Heartbreak

Purifying this chakra helps to remove heartbreak, heals from past sexual abuse, and gives clarity and right direction in life and in your relationships. It is in this place that we can heal anything our soul took on with or without our notice. Then we can experience ourselves in the present moment with clarity. Our relationships become more how we want them to be… rather than the being stuck in old repeat patterns and beliefs.

Physical and Emotional Health

When you are born from the formlessness into form you begin a human life where layers of trauma, dust, and beliefs cover up our true Selves. This can express itself as physical and emotional pain or dis-ease. The womb chakra meditation and sacred geometry process helps you to re-orient to your soul’s purpose. It is in this place that we can heal anything our soul took on with or without our notice.

Pregnancy and Birth

Learning this yantra and charging the mantras within the yantra increases your clarity and intuitive capabilities and will empower you with the ability to self-heal heal physical and emotional pain and heal and support a child to be clear and strong, able to stay connected with who they truly are – and much more. Making your womb as a holy place is an optimal energetic environment for your children before, during and after birth.

Embodying Your Soul

The Womb Chakra Process is a 7000 year old practice scribed in palm leaf manuscripts. All men and women have womb chakras linking them to the place where their souls were born into creation. Ultimately, the womb chakra process brings your soul’s consciousness into the drivers seat. Taking the womb chakra workshop teaches you how to remove those layers of the karmas step-by-step so you can fulfill your soul’s purpose.

Increase Your Capacity as Healer

The Womb Chakra Process teaches you to use the creation energy hidden in your Womb Chakra in a positive way. Receive a deeper connection to the Divine energy, to Divine Love, and increase your ability to heal yourself and your children whenever life brings you challenges and disturbance. It automatically grows your intuitive capabilities and capacity to heal others.

What Students Are Saying

– Ilja van de Griend, PPNE, Almasoma, Instituto de Transpessoal

“A lovely opportunity with one of the loveliest souls. I had the pleasure of taking Nina Ketscher’s workshop earlier this year. I now sleep with the beautiful yantra we each drew above my bed and feel protected and safe each night.”

Rachel Raia, Yogini

Such an intimate and sweet course. I loved the way you opened it up each morning, thru chanting and prayer, which is also the way you closed our day. You have a way of creating and maintaining such sacred space, which allowed me to feel really held and safe as we experienced the Womb Chakra Course. For me, the teachings of this course felt like Universal Truth, Traditional Wisdom. You had such patience as I created my own Womb Yantra on copper. I loved connecting to the moon cycles, the new and full moon as we drew our Yantra’s on an on going monthly basis. Since taking this course I am more in tune with the cycles of the moon and always honor them. I still have my Womb Yantra hanging on my bedroom wall right next to my bed. I love the energy it has. I think of our time together each time I look at it. I honor the sacredness it holds. I honor the Universal Wisdom and Traditions that supports it!”

Becky Gonzales, LMT, PPNE

What You Can Do With The Womb Chakra Process

  • Understand the 3 main reasons why many relationships fail
  • Learn an easy to implement step-by-step process
  • Heal from heartbreak, remove old blocks, and become a strong, loving and confident person
  • Create happiness and fulfillment in your life by building relationships that heal yourself; and others
  • Heal and rekindle relationships
  • Disconnect past relationships
  • Find the right partner – your soulmate
  • Consciously conceive, and create strong, protected, and smart children, who are deeply connected to their purpose
  • Break free from old family patterns
  • Support teenagers with healthy desires
  • Heal from abuse
  • Strengthen your physical and emotional health
  • Increase your healing capacity to help others

About Nina

Trained both in Western and Eastern healing modalities, body, mind, heart and soul, Nina blends somatic, prenatal and perinatal and energy psychology with wisdom practices to connect you with nature, to nurture your inherent capabilities, and to support your life’s greatest purpose and contribution to humanity. Nina specializes in working with women, babies, children and their families. Nina taught the womb chakra knowledge and practices at Sri Kaleshwar’s Soul University in Penukonda, India, where she studied and lived for 5 years. Drawing from her own life and over 15 years of professional experience, she holds you with love, compassion, empathy, and deep understanding.

Nina’s sessions, courses, and workshops guide you to gently release past traumas. They lovingly support you to connect with, nurture, and enliven your soul’s spark, your baby’s and child’s spark, and bring more conscious connection, knowledge and practices for creating happy, healthy, and divinely connected thriving relationships and families.

In this transformational course, Nina will guide you through four modules of teachings that are both practical and profound.

Each module includes LIVE teachings from Nina on Zoom, plus downloadable course materials: teaching session video and audio, separate mantra meditation audio and transcripts.

 Module 1 – Introduction to the Womb Chakra Process

In the first module Nina will introduce you into the basic concepts of the Womb Chakra knowledge and mantra meditation.

You will find out how this information and the practices can impact your own soul embodiment, your family and your relationships in a positive way and make your soul spark shine.

Module 2 – Intitiation into the Meditation Process

In the second module you will receive initiation from Nina to be able to successfully do the meditations.

Learn the 9 mantras included in this meditation process together with all necessary easy to follow guidelines.

You will learn the Womb Chakra practices to influence the relationship with your partner in positive ways.

Nina will teach you practices for conscious conception and to support pregnancy and birth.

Module 3 – Yantra Drawing

The third part of the training will be dedicated to the practice and the drawing of the Womb Chakra Yantra as well as possible applications of it.

Healing techniques for heartbreak and physical healing will be reviewed, as well as how to support healthy desires for teenagers. 

Each person will draw a womb yantra on a copper sheet to hang where they sleep, which powerfully continues to purify and maintain the womb chakra  – your creation energy.  

Module 4 – Practices, Recap and Q & A

In the 4th module you will review the womb chakra meditation, practices and healing techniques for yourself as well techniques to give healing to clients, family and friends.

 A special candle ceremony will conclude the teachings and charging of the yantras. 

What You Will Receive

  • 16 hours of LIVE video teaching on Zoom held in 4 sessions over 4 weeks
  • Knowledge and practices of Mantra and Yantra for creating your Womb Chakra as a holy place
  • Your own Womb Chakra Yantra on copper – a power object supporting you for the rest of your life
  • Life long access to course materials; video, audio, as well as  handouts you can revisit at any time
  • Audio recordings of the mantras taught in the course, sung by Nina
  • 2 Womb Chakra Process Circle support calls with Nina

The Holy Womb Chakra Process Workshop

Course Fee – €320

* Additional materials needed are copper yantra sheets and a 108 bead mala (approx €60)

* For payment plan, or additional payment options contact Nina.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an experienced meditator to be able to use these practices?

No. Anyone can successfully do these practices.

Do I need to have special skills to draw the yantra?

No. Everyone can do it.

When does the course start and finish?

The Womb Chakra Process is a LIVE online workshop. After each session, the video teaching will be added to the course materials, along with handouts and audio recordings. You will have access to all materials for your reference and continued study as the course proceeds and after the course is complete.

Will I be able to download the course materials?

Each course module includes materials which you may download and keep on your own computer (subject to our Terms of Use). These include: audio file of the teaching session; and written course materials (PDF).

How long will I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own, as long as the internet exists.

What if I cannot attend the LIVE trainings?

If you cannot attend the LIVE teaching sessions with Nina, recordings will be made available in the course platform as soon as possible.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Cancellations made 7 days prior to the workshop start date will be refunded in full. Any cancellations made after cannot be refunded. If you have an emergency and would like to postpone your participation so you can join the workshop live, your course fee can be rolled over into a subsequent Holy Womb Chakra Process training.

If you have any question, please contact us here.

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