Intergrative Therapy for Mothers, Babies & Families

Nina Ketscher, MA, PPNE, CEIM

I offer one-on-one and family integrative therapy, music healing, and professional consultation sessions.

Trained both in Western and Eastern healing modalities body, mind, heart and soul, I blend somatic, prenatal and perinatal and energy psychology with wisdom practices to connect you with nature, to nurture your inherent capabilities, and to support your life’s greater purpose and contribution to humanity. I specialise in working with women, babies, children and their families. I draw from my own life and over 15 years of professional experience.

In my work with private clients and in workshops, I expand upon commonly known practices for supporting healthy conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

I maintain a safe place for you to explore and express yourself, and support you to connect deeper with your unique soul’s spark and guide you towards creating more calm and inner peace. I hold you with love, help to relieve tension, fears, negative or limiting beliefs, and relationship challenges at every stage of your personal journey.

I am married and a mother to a joyful, strong willed, capable, thoughtful, kind, loving, creative, powerful and beautiful soul and son, Jay.

I believe we, as human beings, have the potential to heal past trauma, live our fuller potential, and create new generations of strong, conscious and loving children, equipped to face the challenges of our modern and unstable world.

To book a session please connect with me, or click on the button below. Scroll down to hear client experiences.


Integrative Therapy

Sessions may include holistic consultation, somatic, prenatal and perinatal and energy therapy, trauma release work, transgenerational ancestral healing, and techniques for connecting, nurturing and growing your soul’s spark – creating more calm, peace, love and joy in your life and in your relationships.

Music Healing Sessions

Music healing sessions with Nina offers you healing through sound vibration and has a ripple effect on your entire body, mind, heart and soul, leaving imprints that support your wholeness and aligns you with self-love and empowerment. Sessions vary from 30 minutes to one hour depending on individual needs and may include holistic counselling.

Additionally, Nina offers individualised mantra music healing and includes a long-distance healing transmission. Specific healings include but are not limited to, fertility support, loss and grief, heartbreak from relationships, and physical and emotional pain. These are customised sessions. If interested contact Nina here.

Consultations for Professionals

Sessions may include holistic consultation for professionals, give tools and techniques for supporting deeper healing and transformation in the clients and patients you may work with, and editorial support for articles and books.




Zoom or by Phone

What I have taken away from the time we worked together was healing of my near death experiences as a baby and feeling more support and love from the healing of the Earth/all Divine energy here to support me. This, along with other healing modalities, has really helped me to let go of the trauma of the attachment that wasn’t able to form due to my being hospitalized for first 3-4 months of my life and my mother being very overwhelmed to care for me. It has helped me find my path with work more clearly. I really have had greater capacity with my mediation path to access teaching the wisdom of nature and the divine to support the healing of others.”

~ Rochelle Calvert, PhD., CMT, SEP, B.C.B.A

“My husband I were married, what some might call, ‘later in life’… we are both in our mid-thirties.  We had been trying to conceive for about a year when I was introduced to Nina through a family member.  We had already been through all the normal testing with our doctors and they couldn’t find a reason as to why we were having trouble getting pregnant.  They kept telling us to be patient, and at the same time, they were telling us that we should hurry up and conceive.  Nina sent me a long distance fertility healing and a recording of her chanting a mantra specifically for getting pregnant.  The very first time I listened to her chanting that mantra, I was blown away.  My entire body was tingling, and I knew this was very powerful.  I continued to listen to the mantra as often as my schedule allowed.  After four months, we had amazing news.  We were finally pregnant and are expecting our first son this summer.    I honestly believe that  the mantra Nina sent was key in our success. It opened my heart and relaxed my nerves to allow this miracle to take place.  I thank Nina with all my heart for sharing her knowledge.  I strongly and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking to create a family.”

~ Jaime McCloskey, Del Mar, CA