Water is a Great Healer

As you may know the Earth is made up mostly of water, and so are you.

Babies and children love the water, to splash about, and pour it over their heads. It tickles them from head to toe and they feel happy. It makes a lot of sense, since they came through a mother’s womb filled with water. And as adults, most of us also feel better after being in the water.

The water element is a key element for healthy function throughout our entire bodies at a cellular level. The water in our bodies holds 80% of our emotions.

You may find there is a lot to digest every day. Maybe your dreams awaken you and you feel out of sorts. The demands of family, work, or the situation of our world might wear you out. You feel exhausted, often emotional, and in need of more self-care. Physical pain may be present that you have not experienced before. You may or may not realize how much you are truly dealing with each day, and how much you “take on” from the people you are with, and take care of, throughout your day.

I know that is true for me and my family.


A Simple Practice to Ease Your Daily Load

5 Easy Steps to De-charge Everyday in the Water

Whenever you are taking a shower or bath use this technique to get relief and balance emotions:

Step 1

Become aware of your state of being in this moment…

How does your body feel? Light or heavy? Strong or exhausted? Do you feel pain in some areas?

What are your thoughts like? Are they positive or negative? Are the same thoughts repeating again and again? Maybe you cannot stop thinking about one situation or person.

What emotions are present right now? Do you feel happy or sad? Love or fear? Do you appreciate yourself or do you think negatively about yourself?

This is just an example for how to check in with yourself. Please feel free to use your own practice if you have developed one already.

Step 2

When in the water, take a moment to feel gratitude and thank the Creation for the water element. You can say something like, “Thank you Mother Nature for this water element in the form of this shower (or bath).”

Step 3

Say a heart-full prayer to release whatever you may have “taken on”. You can say something like, “Right now, I am de-charging and releasing whatever I have experienced and taken on, with or without my notice.”

Step 4

To make this process more powerful, repeat the mantra “Om hum” internally for most of the time.

Step 5

Notice how you feel after your shower. Do you feel different than you did before the shower? Is it different than showering without taking these steps? If yes, how is it different?

Set an intention to make this practice a part of your daily self-care regime.

One Tip

I have found it to be important for me to shower or take a bath, either before eating dinner or at the end of my day – before going to sleep. I digest my food easier, feel better going to bed, and wake up feeling more rejuvenated, not feeling the weight of the day before.

Enjoy the benefits of intentionally connecting with the healing power of the water element, and let me know how this practice works for you.


Learn more:

  1. Review the article “Take Care of Yourself First”: https://yoursoulsspark.com/take-care-of-yourself-first/
  2. Online Course: “Nurture through Nature: Practitioner Self-Care through the Five Elements”

Enjoy! And I love hearing from you and your experiences.

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  1. William Emerson

    Thanks, its a really simple practice and I know it works. It’s good to have someone like you sharing simple practices that are really really helpful but did not know about. Or even knew about but just got lazy!
    Carry on with your great work.
    Wm Emerson


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