Your Soul’s Spark

You are carrying your soul’s spark in you. It is what inspires your creativity in the world and allows you to create amazing things from a place of inner knowing and crystal clarity. Your soul’s spark is who you truly are. When you come into life, you come into being through a sperm and an egg merging together.  In a union of both the sacred masculine energy and the sacred feminine energy, which is necessary to create human life. In that moment of union, a spark, a light, is created and from there we slowly come into form, from our spirit selves into our body.

All of us, men and women, are born from a mother’s womb. In your early life, in your mother’s womb, you know who you are, why you are here and what your unique contribution is in this world. You connect with your soul’s energy in a spirit form, which is non-local and holographic. While you develop in your mother’s womb you can receive unbelievable knowledge, healing, love, protection, and well-wishes directly from your mother and your father. It is especially through the connection with your mother, and your mother’s womb, that you can heal any disturbance in your life. Having a good relationship with your mother supports having good relationships with yourself and with others. Your relationship with your mother is essential. It is a birthright to experience both your mother’s love and her creative power in your life. Feeling that love and power of your mother are a loving embrace, helping you to stay connected with who you are and empower you to fulfill your life’s purpose with greater ease. This creation energy of love and power is received through your womb chakra, your creative center, your soul’s spark, and helps keep your light shining bright. Parents are key to supporting, protecting, and guiding their child’s soul’s spark at every stage.

Losing Your Spark

As you continue reading, I invite you to feel your feet, notice your breath, and resource yourself. I realize that in explaining how you might lose your spark, you might feel a resonance with what I’m sharing and perhaps some pain may arise. Connecting with resource can support you if so.

You may have found, since your birth, that you may have taken on the beliefs of the world around you. Maybe you have felt lost, or disconnected from who you really are, caught up in the day to day. You may even have been trying to be someone you felt you were expected to be by others, rather than being who you really want to be. You may have experienced relationship challenges, perhaps repeatedly throughout your life. You may find yourself feeling stuck and it is difficult for you to make decisions, or you just don’t know which direction to go.

And possibly you may be so stressed with everyday survival that you may have lost the connection with your inner guidance and clarity. When extreme, you may feel like shutting down and cutting yourself off from others and the world around you. You may have experienced past events in your life that broke your heart, which somehow keep playing out in different ways with different people. Or, you may have perhaps been betrayed, abused, violated, disgraced, shamed, left alone, or discarded. All these experiences can greatly lower your light, your soul’s strength, and can create disharmony in one’s entire being, body, mind, heart and soul. This can lead to depression, anxiety, insecurity, doubts, and dis-ease.

Human life invites, no matter who you are, or what your beliefs or preferences are, to evolve through these lived experiences. The amount of stress you experience collectively and individually, limits your capacity and your resilience to overcome certain tragedies, small moments that may shut you down and cover up your true self. In these moments, negative imprints or implicit memories can happen, in an instance and often without your notice, and you incrementally loose your ability to shine your light.

Then, unfortunately, and in most cases, your soul takes a back seat and succumbs to what you think you have to do or be in this world. You lose your inspiration and your creative energy. You become less motivated and you feel lost and perhaps even hopeless. You live in survival mode which creates an insurmountable challenge to express your full potential. You become less authentic and less embodied. You move further away from yourself, living disconnected from your own divinity, and you suffer unnecessarily.

You have the power to change that unnecessary suffering and put your soul in the driver’s seat again.

The Time is Now

Now is the time to connect with, nurture, and grow your soul’s spark. Your light, the goodness you bring to the planet, to humanity, is priceless and precious. Our world, babies and children, friends and family, and clients need your brightest light to shine in all the darkness, in all the challenges we face as a whole humanity.

Having your light seen and recognized is a human right, a birthright, and when valued and honored allows you to experience the beauty of your own spirit, your full human and divine potential and reason for living.

Experiencing yourself as this potential, aligns you with your purpose, and supports your inner and outer evolution, as well as your capacity to help others.

Reconnect with your Soul’s Spark

One way to reconnect with your soul’s spark is to spend as much conscious time in nature as you possibly can.

Before going out into nature notice yourself, observe your sensations, your thoughts and your feelings. One way I love to notice where I’m at is a practice I call “Connecting In”. Taking a baseline of where you are. This practice of taking notice will be individual for each of us, yet important. By doing so, you will be able to then notice when a shift occurs as you connect with the nature.

After “Connecting In,” become aware of the nature you see around you and feel into the connection you have with it. Notice the unique beauty of each individual flower, see the light shining through the leaves. Feel the soft breeze of the air and the warmth of the sun. Smell the fragrance of flowers, and of the soil. Feel the vibration of just being in the forest. As you touch nature through your feet, your hands, your body, and especially through your eyes, feel how you are a part of that, and how it changes your inner feelings, the sensations in you, and how you perceive yourself and your environment. An example of a perception might be that you feel safe, held, and nurtured by the nature around you.

Consciously connect with and see beauty in the nature. Pull that beauty through your two eyes and into your heart. This not only fills you with natures beauty and warms your heart, it connects you with your soul’s creation energy, your spark. Add a prayer of gratitude and be thankful for the beauty you have just received.

In my experience, being in the nature and connecting with the creation is a kind of miracle, it’s beautiful and beyond the minds explanation, and it reminds me of the miracle that we all are.

Just as the creation energy is hidden in the nature, the creation energy is also hidden in you. It is in your hands to harness the creation energy within you, heal anything that has dimmed down your light, and raise your soul’s vibrations so you can clearly see who you are and align with your soul’s purpose. The fastest way I know of to accomplish this is through purifying and empowering your womb chakra.

Then you become a really beautiful, loving person in the world. People start saying to you, “Something is different, you seem more calm and happy. Whatever it is you are doing, I want that too!”

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to connect with, nurture and grow your soul’s spark, love always, Nina


  1. Sandra Bardsley

    Very beautiful and clear. I enjoyed reading it and thinking about what I have seen daily in my meditative walk in the forest. Love, Sandra

  2. Laura

    Lovely passage Nina. The light within us. The precious opportunity we have to have it reflected by receiving a free gift Nature has for us each time we pay attention to us (me) and let ourselves reconnect with natural surroundings.
    Thank you so much for the reminder.

  3. Giselle E Whitwell

    Thank you dear Nina, for sharing in a simple and beautiful way how to re-balance oneself and being in harmony.


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