Healing the Mother-Child Relationship & Strengthening Miraculous Bonds

I had a client some years ago whose teenage daughter was angry and emotional. Their relationship became estranged. The daughter was suffering from her parent’s divorce and always being in the middle of their conflicts. At some point, her daughter decided to go and live with her Dad and stopped communicating with her mom entirely. This was a huge loss and trauma for all.

My client reached out to me for help. I invited her to take the Womb Chakra workshop. I taught her the mantras and yantra, and she drew the Womb Yantra on copper. I shared with her that drawing the Womb Yantra on copper would greatly support her, and her daughters healing, but that I did not know how long it might take, as it is different for each individual person.

Sooner Than Expected

After drawing the yantra on copper, she placed it by her bedside, and some days later she began to feel much better about herself as a mother. She felt more loving towards herself and less guilty. Then she came to me for a one-on-one session and shared the improvement she had seen in herself overall. She still felt very emotional about her daughter’s choices and she longed for healing their relationship.

I encouraged her to focus first on the mantra for emotional healing for herself. After a few days chanting the mantra, as often as she could remember, she felt her emotions settle and she became more balanced. I then invited her to repeat the same mantra, at night before bed, and taught her how to send a long-distance healing transmission to her daughter, soul to soul.

A Soulmate Relationship

About a week later she received a call from her daughter and they had a long healing talk. Soon after her daughter came to visit and they worked out their past issues. My client shared, “It is a miracle. It’s like we now have the relationship we both always wanted but never could create on our own. My heart and soul is so happy, and so is my daughters. Thank you Nina for encouraging and supporting us.” In that moment, I was filled with gratitude for my teacher, Sri Kaleshwar, who shared the Womb Chakra knowledge and practices and who gave me permission to share it with others.

Mothers Are The Greatest Healers

Parents, especially mothers, are the greatest healers for their children. Through learning and implementing the Womb Chakra teachings you may heal yourself and gain the ability to heal your children, your intimate relationship, as well as other people, through the use of simple mantra plus yantra practices.

As the world changes and many are suffering from loss, depression, anxiety, lack of direction, addiction, sexual abuse and heartbreak, the Womb Chakra knowledge and practices potentially allow you to take healing yourself and your family into your own hands. And from my experience, your family and friends, or colleagues, may need your healing as well.

Healing Others

Once you have completed learning and charging the mantras in the Womb Chakra process, you are able to teach this healing process one-on-one to others. You will have the ability to give one of the mantras to someone who is suffering from physical pain, emotional disharmony, heartbreak, sexual harassment, and relationship challenges.

In my experience, people who have repeated these mantras with the intention to heal and transform, gain positive outcomes in a short period of time. As a therapist, seeing the healing unfold in my clients’ relationships with themselves and others, as well as in my own family, has been miraculous.

I am excited to share these teachings with you, to empower you to take healing into your own hands and see the results for yourself; body, mind, heart and soul. The world needs your brightest Self, to be fully YOU; to be a human being experiencing your Divinity.

Join me as I share wisdom from 7000 years ago of the Holy Womb Chakra. May it powerfully support you in this time of transformation and continue you on a path of personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

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