Mandala Artist

Iveta Mecnarová

“Iveta is an exquisite mandala artist, and so much more. Everything she has created for me touches my soul deeply and radiates a pure connection with the Divine energy. Every time I see the mandala, I feel so calmed and supported by its energy. Iveta’s detailed work is created with an art and skill that goes beyond me and I feel so blessed to call her part of my family. Thank you dear Iveta!

~ Nina Ketscher, MA, PPNE, CEIM

I met Nina in India, in Penukonda Ashram and I got to know her more during our Soul University where she was teaching us and spent quite a lot of time with us. She is a beautiful, gentle, peaceful and patient character with amazing knowledge and ability to work with people and their souls. Especially her peace and knowledge coming from very deep within always amazes me. In this world that is very fast and everyone is in a hurry I always feel huge relief and peace when talking to her or even just thinking on her. The energy that is coming through her is indescribable, you just need to experience it 🙂 

When I am drawing a mandala for someone it is better for me to know him at least a little bit. And working on a logo with Nina was a beautiful and at the same time challenging process for me because I am not a designer, I am just a mom and a wife and I like drawing mandalas… But we decided to give it a chance and try it. I was in touch with her, we were having more ideas that were developing during the time and finally, thinking about the topic of soul, soul’s spark and Nina, trying to “manifest my feelings about this in this world” I created this mandala and Nina chose the color for it and finalised it for her web. Nina was very patient with it so it could take its own time and I think it works beautifully. 

I always liked drawing, from early childhood. I was always able to spend hours with pencils and papers but I never studied it, it was just a hobby, and when I was at University studying psychology I basically stopped drawing at all. At that time I also started to study meditation and knowledge from Swami and visiting India regularly. After I finished studies at University I went to India and spent one year there in the Ashram. There I “found” my drawing passion again and step by step started to draw mandalas. I am still in the process of developing this and I especially like drawing/painting for other people. Each mandala is different, even though they can look similar there are no 2 the same. In case someone is interested you can see my Instagram (there I posted some of “general work” that I did but don’t share “personal” mandalas – mandalas that I created for specific people there) and in case you would be interested in having a mandala you can contact me via email ja************@gm***.com and I am open to give more information.