Your Holy Womb Chakra Circle & Your Divine Feminine Women’s Circle

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You are applying to participate in a quarterly gathering on the topic of the Holy Womb Chakra, and/or are interested in participating in the Monthly Divine Feminine’s Women’s Circle, where we explore through journaling, poetry, music, movement, and art our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies together. 

The Holy Womb Chakra Circle is a sacred gathering open to all who have taken the Holy Womb Chakra Process from me, over the years. If you have not yet taken the Holy Womb Chakra Process Workshop with me and are interested in doing so, connect with

Your Holy Womb Chakra Circle is an opportunity to gain connection and support, at any stage of your process. You may use this circle as a way to ask questions, re-connect, and to go deeper.

Perhaps you would like to understand more how to integrate the womb chakra in your day to day, or in your relationships? Or, you would like to charge mantras that you have not charged yet and you are wondering how to get started again? Or wish to receive guidance for how to best maintain your womb chakra energy, and how to support children at any age? Or maybe you wish to gather with others who are utilizing and maintaining their womb chakra energy and gain some inspiration and community connection?

The Divine Feminine Women’s Circle is a group of kindred women who explore and cultivate the sacredness of the Divine Feminine. Through the expressive and spiritual arts they connect to the deeper inner wisdom and power that lies within them. They support one another in the greater fulfilment of both their individual and collective potentials.

Each call lasts 1.5 hours.

Your Holy Womb Chakra Circle meets quarterly, and Your Divine Feminine Women’s Circle meets monthly. A dakshina (fee) of €36 is required to participate in each of the circle calls. Payment for your participation in the circles may be made prior to each circle call via paypal Other payment arrangements may be made directly.

Your live participation in these circles is preferred. If you cannot make the scheduled circle time, they will be recorded, however your participation via email is required, i.e. submitting your questions, sharing how the meditations are going for you, sharing your experience using the mantras for self-healing, and with others. All calls are confidential. 

“I really do enjoy these women circles full of wisdom, lightness and  creativity. It is so beautiful how you create this space.”

 – Katelijne (Kaatje) Keppens, ONADA, Mother-Baby Coaching, Shiatsu

If you are interested, please complete the following form and submit it. Nina will review your application and connect with you in regards to your participation in the circle. 

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