Shivaratri, Mahasamadhi & Easter Program

The Shiva Lingam, Shiva’s Consciousness

& Christ Consciousness

Tuesday, March 5th


Sunday, March 31st

A 27-day Spiritual Meditation Program to Raise Your Consciousness 

“There is only one Divine Soul on the planet who really kept the sun power in his 3rd eye. That’s Shiva. Generally we have a small tiny spark of the consciousness of the light in our 3rd eye. That spark is sometimes really making and giving us some healing abilities, giving some experiences, whatever it is, for your spiritual growth.

Its only possible to get successful 100% accurately in the cosmic to those who go to that character, that soul – through the shiva energy. You have to make it balanced, male and female energy. You have to use both energies. only then its possible.

Through shiva you can hit mother Divine very easily.”

– Sri Kaleshwar

I invite you to embark with me for a 27 day spiritual meditation program, linking with Penukonda, India, a high divine powerspot, to receive the auspicious and energetic transmissions of the high holy events of Shivaratri (a traditional celebration of Shiva in India), as well as Sri Kaleshwar’s Mahasamadhi, and Easter.
The theme for this program is the link between the Shiva Lingam, Shiva Consciousness & Christ Consciousness. We will meet together for 3 live 2 hour satsangs, Tues. March 5th, Thurs. March 14th & Thurs. March 28th @4pm CET. In these satsangs, we will be exploring Swami’s teachings on the Shiva Lingam, Shiva Consciousness, and Christ Consciousness.
You will have an opportunity to participate with hundreds of others, from around the world, in the various abisheks and meditations from Penukonda; containing highly charged power objects which are used to raise our states of consciousness.
The fire pujas in Penukonda, are equal to one months meditation power. Joining this program will give a beautiful boost to your soul and your soul’s consciousness. 
As a part of your registration, I will make a donation to Penukonda, on your behalf, and you will be added to a list of names to be included in the various program events. Even if you cannot make all the timings to join the events live, you will receive the energetic transmission to your soul.
I remember how important these program times were to Sri Kaleshwar, for us as students, to receive the silence in us, in order to be able to live in higher states of consciousness, divine love, and bliss.
This year, unlike last year, I am including Easter, and will be sharing more about the Cruxifiction and Christ Consciousness.
I will also do an abishek to our Shiva Lingam and Sri Chakra on Shivaratri, Sri Kaleshwar’s Mahasamadhi, and for Easter. These abisheks will focus on raising your consciousness, and you may also send in your personal sankalpam, intention. Whatever you may need healing with, whatever you may need to let go of, and whatever you wish to create in your life. Shiva, is the giver of boons. These program times a wonderful opportunity to connect with the divine energy and receive their support strongly in your lives.
I hold space for each of you to receive these auspicious energies at this time.
With love,


Program Schedule at a Glance


Tuesday, March 5th 

4pm CET/7am PT

2 hr. Live Satsang on Shiva Lingam & Shiva Consciousness

Penukonda – Wednesday, March 6th 

12:30am CET/Tues. Mar 5th 3:30pm PT

Baba Abishek & Morning Arathi

1:30am CET/Tues, Mar 5th 4:30pm PT

Sunrise Meditation

5:30am CET/Tues, Mar 5th 4:30pm PT

Fire Puja & Midday Arathi

Penukonda – Wed, Thurs & Fri, March 6th, 7th & 8th

7:45am CET/Tues, Mar 5th, 6th & 7th 8:30pm PT

Fire Puja & Midday Arathi 

Penukonda – Fri, March 8th

1:30pm CET/4:30am PT

Emerald Lingam Abishek in Dwarkamai

Kaleshwar’s Mahasamadhi

Thursday, March 14th 

4pm CET/7am PT

2 hr. Live Satsang Sri Kaleshwar’s Mahasamadhi and the Stages of Consciousness 

Penukonda Wed, March 13th-15th– TBA

Will be announced closer to the dates.

Easter – Christ Consciousness

Thursday, March 28th – 4pm CET/7am PT

2 hr. Live Satsang: The Cruxifiction & Christ Consciousness 

Penukonda – Friday, March 29th – 31st – TBA

Will be announced closer to the dates.

If you are interested in receiving a power object, blessed in Penukonda during these programs, please connect with me. I will be sharing which objects will be available to purchase, once it is confirmed with the ashram. 

Course Fee: 270 Euros